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Corporate Identity Management is being used
to understand who and/or what a company, an
organisation is. Corporate Identity is the
self-promotion and image building of the
institution using visualelements and is an
important concept for a company.

Brand management is a broad concept that
ranges from establishing the brand name to
creating an effective and strong brand personality
and brand management.

Digital marketing management is a beneficial
and highly preferred marketing method
in today's world where you can promote
your products and services in
the digital environment.

Content management includes the
preparation and management of websites,
social media accounts and the creation
of content for advertisements.

Social media management deals with the
questions of how social media pages and
accounts should be used, what avenues to follow,
what methods to use in emergency situations,
how branding should be done and how all of
this should be coordinated.

Advertising management refers to the
professional management of advertisers'
marketing activities

Refers to the communication process of the
social and environmental activities of the institution
and Community-based groupsIt is the management.
of institutional reflexes to a social event.

PR (Public Relations) is the management of
the public perception of a person or institution
through communication channels.The concept
is to protect, support, elevate and influence the
brand or philosophy of a brand/person.

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